Corporate Profile


Connecting the Possibilities

We will link a variety of possibilities by realizing "the Multi-Tourism Gateway,"
our concept to attract tourists from around the world and to send them throughout Hokkaido.

Linking to the
Local Potential


We think of airports not only as facilities, but as integral parts of the local community By Creating a flow of tourism with new ideas and methods as a member of the Hokkaido community, we will contribute to regional revitalization.

Linking to the
World's Potential


In addition to being open to the world, we will appeal the attractiveness of each area of Hokkaido to the world.
By clearly differentiating the roles among the seven airports, we will create a flight network which is closely connected to the world.

Linking to
the Potential of
the Future


We will play a central role in the comprehensive transportation system of Hokkaido, and continue protecting the safety and security of the people who are on the move with the highest priority. We will conduct stable and sustainable airport operations not only now but also for the future.